High Intensity | Low Impact





Our signature Mega 45 class is a 45 minute ALL-Level class on the patented megaformer uses slow and controlled movements under a spring loaded system. Expect to increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance, with the perfect blend of high intensity and low impact programming, guaranteed to deliver a full-body sweat. We are now offering our Mega 60 class, which as an Advanced Level option. This class is fast paced and geared towards the experienced megaformer client, interested in building increased endurance through advanced level combinations, faster transitions, and increased focus on control and depth of movement. 



(Row Intervals)

Our signature Row 45 class blends the most efficient cardio and endurance training through time and distance intervals on the Water Rower for a 45 minute all-level class that is like nothing else you've ever experienced.  Row 45 is delivered with high energy music, expert coaching and constantly evolving programs that will take your cardio game to a new level, through a series of carefully structured work intervals focused on technique, cardio endurance and speed training. Row | Core is our  45 minute row + core :: strength class, blending the best from our Row 45 and core : strength programs for a strong balance of cardio + muscle endurance training.


Barre + Core

( Core Strength Class On The Mat )

Barre + Core Strength: Our 55 minute barre + core strength class is an ALL-Level class that brings evolved strength and function to core work on the mat.  With safe and effective programming, and an intense focus on form, you'll experience a total body burn that promotes overall muscle endurance and recovery. Expect to use light weights, band resistance, and body weight to strengthen and lengthen muscles through targeted + low impact movements. Barre + Core Cardio: Our 55 minute cardio + core endurance class is an ALL-Level class that blends the best of our core : strength class with a cardio endurance series that will peak your heart rate and ensure you are ready for your deepest muscle burn at the barre.



(All -level Class)

Box Master : This class provides 50 minutes of Boxing fundamentals and training to focus on technique using traditional boxing equipment such as heavy, double-end & speed bags.  You'll also experience the newest in boxing training combination with the Box Master tower.  Athletes will train through intense workouts to improve hand-eye coordination, balance and footwork, upper body/ core strength, and stamina, finishing with a stronger body and mind.