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20 Jul 2017
Why M3 barre + core?
As we shared in our last post, we’re focusing on our barre programming, foundations, and team this week, digging down further into the most important question we face: why b:core? Our barre team was trained and mentored directly by Exhale Spa’s core fusion co-founders Fred (Devito) and Elisabeth (Halfpap). Fred and Lis have been leading the barre industry for a combined 50 years and were the driving forces behind the Lotte Berk method, which established the barre industry in the United States.
[core fact: the founders of nearly each popular barre method in the country trained with Fred and Lis at Lotte Berk before spinning off to create their own methods, all deeply rooted in the original foundation they got from Lotte Berk.]
When Fred and Lis left Lotte Berk to found Exhale’s Core Fusion program they leveraged their exclusive expertise to take the barre structure to the next level; a level where the focus was on safer, more effective, and functionally sound movement patterns. This commitment separated them immediately from other methods that ride off of trends more than expertise, and expansion over quality. It was through this process that they moved away from the emphasis on the 'ballet barre' and established the niche in the industry that we now refer to as 'barre fitness.' Being ‘barre certified’ by Exhale gave our team the intensive training and credibility of the industries most well respected barre programming, from an exercise science and functional movement perspective. The first training module focused intensively on the structure, flow, and why of a barre class, while the second module consisted of a full anatomy and kinesiology curriculum; both of which included full exams to be certified.
[core fact: Currently, exhale’s barre certification is in the final stages of a rigorous and lengthy process to be established as the first and only accredited barre certification in the industry, an achievement made possible by the years of development, guidance, and fitness expertise that only Fred and Lis could provide.]
Over the last 4 years that we’ve been developing our own strong roots and expertise in the barre industry, we have explored, tested, and thoroughly researched the background and methods of nearly every barre method, and their leaders, to find one that we would feel confident fully attaching our names and fitness reputations to. As we dug into the details of Fred and Lis’ functional beliefs, training programs, and certifications, it was clear to us that the quality of the Exhale certification was something that could not be replicated, and their experience could not be compared. We could not have been more thrilled to provide that education and deep legacy to our teachers, and in turn, our clients. While there are many ‘barre style’ classes out there that attempt to imitate what Fred and Lis created, few develop teachers are programming that has the credentials and expertise to do so safely or credibly, and unfortunately dilute the quality and reputation of the barre industry on the whole. While we could list off the details of the certification, the intricacies of the movement patterns, and the foundation of ‘why’ we believe in this programming from an exercise science perspective, we invite you to ask our teachers why they love it. Ask them about the training they went through, about the experience of being directly mentored by the founders, and about their own personal commitment and passion to developing and delivering their best class to our clients, day in and day out. You may get a different answer from each teacher, but we promise, their knowledge and commitment to the product they deliver is something we are very proud of.

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